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Crowdfunding Card Deck
Courage, knowledge & grit
Card deck that helps your community to work together to create a successful crowdfunding campaign.
It guides, encourages and helps you define roles for the team.
A gamified tool for crowd-

Ehta Raha has developed a gamified toolkit for companies, organizations and communities.
It is aimed at designing and running a successful crowdfunding campaign.
It also works great for developing business plans.

The toolkit takes the shape of a card deck. Every card in the deck is an exercise that enables the community to work together to make their business sustainable, communication engaging, marketing well-targeted and the practicalities of making a crowdfunding campaign reality.

Card deck brings goal orientation and guidance into planning together. It is also inspiring and fun. On each step, the game mechanics of the card deck also guide you to consider the values of the community and other stakeholders. It’s a holistic approach to business planning.