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The Soil Cards

The Soil Cards are a slightly gamified talking tool for communities and organisations to find and define their needs and values together. These cards have been developed as part of other gamified tools: The Crowdfunding Deck and The Growth Deck. Now they are evolving into an independent tool that is available separately and further developed for broader audiences and use cases.

The Soil Cards are 30 hexagonal cards that contain different needs and values and questions helping to define if those needs and values are resonating with your community or organisation. During one hour session, they lead your community to discover and talk about what is really important and central for you. They guide you to discuss and have a real dialogue about deep values that you have probably never talked about in this way.

If you want to support the ongoing development of the cards, please download or buy the cards and give us feedback. We are doing this work with internal financing, so buying the cards helps us make them better. We are open to funding and cooperation that would make them more widely available. For more information contact Kimmo Hokkanen.

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